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By | June 24, 2020

It’s one of the cheapest options around as well, starting at just $1.99 a month when you choose a two-year plan.
SurfsharkVPN is a fairly new service, similar to Virtual Private Networks such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN. It’s one of the cheapest options around as well, starting at just $1.99 a month when you choose a two-year plan.

SurfsharkVPN is a relatively new service, similar to Virtual Private Networks such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN. It’s one of the cheapest options around as well, starting at just $1.99 a month when you choose a two-year plan.
Surfshark VPN looks like a very worthy option at a glance. For example, it provides users with over 800 server locations spread over 50 countries. That allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services and other content with more than enough IP addresses.
Additionally, Surfshark VPN allows torrenting and also allows simultaneous communication of an infinite number of users.
All of this sounds pretty good, but is it on the market as quickly as other ordinary VPNs? Does that offer excellent support for customers? What about uploading and bypassing Netflix limits in Peer-to-Peer? These questions will be addressed in this article and more.

Surfshark VPN in the spotlight

Based in the UK Virgin Islands
Uses a strict no-logging policy
It has more than 800 servers in 50 countries
Supports Torrenting and Peer-to-Peer
Netflix USA Unblocks
Customer Service Offers 24/7 Online Chat
Subscriptions will cost as little as $1.99 a month.

The Pros Strict No Logging Policy

Users are using VPNs to remain anonymous when surfing the internet. Hence, using one who keeps track of your data would be counterintuitive. Luckily, a strict no-logging policy has been implemented by the right people at Surfshark VPN.
It ensures that traffic data such as destination URLs, IP addresses, session timestamps, and browsing history not stored in their database.
However, Surfshark does collect the following types of data, as disclosed in its Privacy Policy Statement:

Payment and Rechnungsdaten
Your address to email
Diagnostic Account Statement

The data above are collected so that users can get a better service from the company. But what if Surfshark asks the Internet Service Provider or government to pass on this information about you? That puts us on the next stage.

British Virgin Islands Jurisdiction
Thanks to the lack of data retention regulations, the British Virgin Islands are a haven for VPN businesses. That means that Surfshark VPN can not be forced by either its government or a foreign regulatory body to log data from its users.
As a result, the organization will not have to comply with any international policy inquiries.

High Speeds

Unless it can send you the download speeds required to stream content and other data-intensive tasks, a VPN isn’t all that useful. Luckily, Surfshark excels in this area, with just about 25 percent loss in speed when linked to a local server. So if, for example, you live in Australia and connect to an Australian server with a 100mbps connection,
you will still get a max download speed of 75mbps. That’s more than enough to enjoy Fortnite or watch Netflix anyway.
As with any VPN, the farther you are physically from a Surfshark VPN server, the speeds will begin to dwindle. For example, an 8000-kilometer distance will shave off 75 percent of your maximum download speed.

Access to Netflix USA
Unblocking Netflix content is one of the most important reasons to use VPNs. People living outside the USA may find that they are unable to access all the TV shows and movies Netflix offers. This is because the organization has imposed constraints that determine your IP address points based on the geographical position you can access. It is called a geo-block.
These days, most VPNs are relatively unsuccessful in bypassing those barriers. Is because Netflix is working very hard to block any operation that comes from them. Luckily some VPNs continue to come up with ways to circumvent these blocks with their servers. One is the Surfshark VPN.

Although all of its US servers won’t unblock Netflix, you’ll find a few that do. Many Surfshark VPN servers based in countries like South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom are also operating.

Torrenting and P2P

Surfshark VPN supports downloading from both torrenting and Peer-to-Peer. Furthermore, bandwidth not constrained by the VPN. That means unlimited streaming while connected.

Basic Tunneling Protocols for Industry

Tunneling protocols are the ones used by VPNs to transfer user data. These protocols essentially create private ‘tunnels’ which allow anonymous communication to take place over public networks. Surfshark is currently using two tunneling protocols: OpenVPN and IKEv2.
The former is the available default protocol on most traditional VPNs, including NordVPN and ExpressVPN. It is open-source software that uses both UDP and TCP for sending and receiving data. OpenVPN is known for the high degree of security it provides due to the OpenSSL Library’s encryption, authentication, and certification functionality.
Some users prefer IKEv2, as it provides a lot of features. These include flexible network connections and a wide range of encryption protocols imposed by Netflix and other streaming services to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Out of the two, OpenVPN is the more secure but also, the slower protocol. Conversely, IKEv2 is much quicker but relatively less reliable

Additional Features

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Surfshark VPN comes pre-packed with additional features including:

Kill Switch – often, while you’re surfing the internet, your VPN connection will get cut off. When this happens, the traffic data won’t stay anonymous anymore. Surfshark’s Kill Switch feature stops this from occurring by cutting off the internet from your computer as soon as the VPN connection is interrupted.
Camouflage mode makes it impossible for your Internet service provider to find out that you are using a VPN.
The whitelist-this function helps you to set up some apps to bypass the VPN link.

The quality to pay

The two-year plan is the most cost-effective if you plan on using Surfshark VPN for quite some time. At just $1.99 per month, you’ll only end up spending $47.76 for the entire two year period.

Cons Inconsistent Speeds
While Surfshark VPN can give you exceptionally high download speeds when connected to nearby servers, it does not deliver. Sometimes, its rate may slow randomly, even with a local server.

Slow answer time to emails
Although Surfshark VPN argues it responds to all emails within 24 hours, this is hardly the case. In some instances, user inquiries left responded to for more than a couple of days (as per both expert and customer reviews).
The live chat support, however, is a different story altogether. The operators are quite friendly and knowledgeable, and you can expect to get a rapid and detailed response to your questions.

In Conclusion

Although it’s cheap, Surfshark VPN will undoubtedly hold its own against the more expensive VPNs. With a strict no-logging policy coupled with the fact that its country of origin does not implement data retention laws, Surfshark VPN gives every user full anonymity.

The loss of speed when linked is small, and users don’t have to encounter latencies with more than 800 servers located worldwide. But not all of that! Surfshark VPN offers many extra features such as a Kill Switch, Netflix’s dedicated unblock feature, and camouflage mode.

Bearing in mind everything it provides, we will undoubtedly suggest Surfshark VPN to everyone.


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