StrongVPN An Honest And Comprehensive Review

By | June 24, 2020

StrongVPN is one of the oldest providers of VPN created in 2005.But what do you get to pay $52.49 a year? Is that a reasonable investment in your security and privacy? You need to read on if you want to get to know StrongVPN in its true colors.

StrongVPN is definitely worth a purchase. While due to the “foggy” privacy policy and the US jurisdiction, I had some reservations about its reliability, StrongVPN is proven to be STRONG in both communication and security matters. It provides a fantastic “military” encryption, 950 + servers in 46 cities, several Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices, for example, and router setup instructions, Kodi, and more. Nothing super stunning, but not wrong specs, either, and suitable for a lot of people.

Unique features & benefits

As I have already mentioned, StrongVPN is one of the oldest providers that could continue to retain the attention of users given the comparatively high prices and keep growing its admirers’ army.

What is the secret?

Why does it continue to survive rivalry in the industry where each provider aims to give their users the best possible

Unlike many other providers with browser extensions, StrongVPN does not have one additional tool. Today, it provides a wide variety of applications for all sorts of platforms.

Also, it is one of the best VPN providers great for Skype talks. By the way, did you know you can use StrongVPN to save on international calls via Skype?

My primary issues applied to the jurisdiction of the United States. You also know that the USA is a constant member of an alliance called “the Five Eyes Countries,” so this position is far from ideal for a VPN.
The provider, meanwhile, “vows” that they do not keep logs and “take your browser history to the grave” Nevertheless if the government issues an order to compromise your records, they will be obliged to give chapter and verse.

StrongVPN has 950 + servers deployed in 26 countries and 46 cities. And that’s not an intimidating number. By contrast, another big VPN industry name, ExpressVPN offers more than 3000 servers in 94 countries.
While I consider StrongVPN mediocre download speed, I can tell that overall performance was stable while I was connected to the provider.

The collection of features of StrongVPN does not seem as significant as most competitors have. Its functionality is very fundamental. So, if any of these advanced features like double encryption, ad blocker, onion over VPN, and so on are of great importance to you, it would be best to look for another VPN provider to use (you can read our VPN reviews to pick the appropriate one).

Pros and Cons of StrongVPN

It’s high time I told you about StrongVPN’s pros and cons I figured out while checking its apps. Some are visible; some are concealed, and not easy to detect.

StrongVPN does not practice logs policy
The provider poses as a privacy-focused company that is as transparent with its customers as possible. Sure enough, their documentation on their website about the privacy policy is super long. It has more than 1,600 words to read and is composed of 5 other papers. The provider tries to support us by summarizing their privacy-related status, with the following questions:

Nonetheless, the privacy policy document does not contain any additional details.

Does the company maintain logs of the connections?

If so, how long are they to hold before removing them?

I do not have an idea. All of those loopholes make some people believe that their users have something to hide from the provider. Nonetheless, they list the items they collect in their privacy policy:

StrongVPN Refund: 30 days after use

Many VPN providers offer their users access to a restricted free version of their service. Yet it makes all the difference from StrongVPN. You can’t find a free trial there, and without a subscription, it’s difficult to use it. But this provider will give you access to all the features, 950 servers, and unlimited bandwidth, even over the 30 days.
But, before you pay a subscription, clutch your eyes on their refund policy. There are some variations in it.

Connecting up to 12 devices with 1 account
Although most VPN providers allow no more than five simultaneous connections, StrongVPN is taking it one step further and offering up to 12 connections with one single account to different devices. Whether you have a broad IoT network, a small business, or you are searching for a VPN for an office, it’s quite handy.

Customers’ support: responsive and fast

As a security expert, I have tested a lot of VPN services, and I can tell you for sure that StrongVPN ‘s client support is one of the best. No matter what problem I addressed: whether it was a technical issue or a refund of money, they certainly responded within a few minutes. Furthermore, unlike other services that use bots for their online chat, you can talk to a real human 24/7 with StrongVPN.

Military-grade encryption and a large number of protocols

The entire idea of a VPN relies on encryption. Strong encryption ensures that the data is secure as it is transmitted through a secured channel and that no one can access it. That provider has something to boast about when it comes to encryption.
They use AES cipher (Advanced Standard for Encryption) and handshake RSA-2048. The same cipher is used by the FBI, NSA, CIA, and other military forces. And, for most people, this is more than enough.
In addition, StrongVPN offers a number of protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, SSTP, and L2TP / IPSec. You can pick one of these on the application’s Setting Menu.

I suggest using both the Android and the mobile versions of the OpenVPN protocol. If you’re an iOS or Mac user, though, then IKEv2 would be the best option for you.
So with such a high level of encryption, you can be sure your data is well secured. You will be safe even when using the public WiFi network, and your IP address will be reliably hidden away.
I performed an IP Leak Check while I was writing my StrongVPN analysis. Read on to find out what it did reveal.


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