NordVPN Review In Detail

By | June 24, 2020

We will say it immediately that we will not retain suspense until the last line in this NordVPN analysis. Hence let’s start the NordVPN review by claiming that this is the industry’s best VPN service so far, as reported by such reputable tech magazine as PC Mag. This year NordVPN was the only service in its list of the best VPN services in the world that received all the green checks from this publication.
If PC Mag’s assessment does not persuade you, you should also be aware that there were overwhelmingly positive Nord VPN feedback from CNN, BuzzFeed, Wired, and several other well-known publications. But let’s back up these excellent NordVPN reviews with some solid facts about all their features.

The safety of browsing experience

Is NordVPN free, then? First, it should be noted that NordVPN owned by the same-name company that registered in Panama. It is excellent news for all advocates of anonymous internet browsing as this particular nation is not subject to any restrictions on data collection that the 14 Eyes Alliance or any other official intelligence agency might impose. The second point concerns the question that VPN users from all over the world have asked many times: “Does NordVPN keep logs?”. The response is definite, and it’s recorded on their official website.
NordVPN retains its ultra-strict no-log policy. The company also says they don’t collect details about the length of browsing sessions, the IP addresses or servers used. It has been written in other NordVPN reviews and confirmed on the official website of the company that NordVPN uses some ticket and live chat tools, as well as Google Analytics, to improve user experience. It’s not something one can think about, though.

NordVPN’s security policies are not limited to the system and authority on no-logs. We do have the functionality of the double VPN and CyberSec, as well as the encryption is military-grade. Without the comprehensive details on all these apps, our NordVPN review would not be complete!

The Double VPN is also known as VPN domain chaining. Essentially, it is the process of disguising the online activity of the user by redirecting the traffic to the additional VPN server where it will be encrypted again. Even if the Internet service provider recognizes that you are using VPN, the additional encryption and the intermingling of both UDP and TCP protocols will keep your online activity untraceable.
Such double encryption may not be mandatory for those engaging in recreational browsing (watching TV shows and enjoying some other entertaining content). Still, it is essential for socially and politically active people residing in countries with extreme Internet censorship.

CyberSec blocks ads and possible malware, so your user experience improves. We intentionally checked this feature while writing this NordVPN review, and it would be fair to conclude that CyberSec is a fantastic addition to NordVPN’s overall security framework. It turned out that malware compromised one of our machines, which would have forced it to take part in a DDoS attack. It also blocked two websites that were considered potentially harmful, and a single pop-ad didn’t interrupt our browsing session.
NordVPN uses two types of encryption, namely OpenVPN, which is a general standard for all VPN services, and IKEv2 / IPSec’s most advanced version, the Next Generation Encryption. In many other Nord VPN reviews, the encryption experts have stated that even the most powerful computers in the world can not crack this particular version of the protocol. Therefore, it highly recommended using this protocol at all times, mainly if you are using the devices running on the iOS or macOS operating systems.

We are sure that this part of our Nord VPN review alone will persuade you to buy this VPN client because it offers an unprecedented level of security and anonymity necessary for online browsing.

Pricing and services provided

Sure, the first thing most people want to know when they start reading this NordVPN review is this company’s pricing policy, and what services users will get for their money. NordVPN offers three service plans to its users, of which two come with decent discount offers.

The 1-month plan can purchase for $11.95 per month with no discount included. This plan is a bit pricey, especially with other VPN services, but the users will surely get the supreme quality of services for this money.
The 6-month program will cost you $9 per month. You will be billed the total amount of $54 on a semi-annual basis.
Finally, the one year plan that comes at a service price of $6.99 a month. It’s the most enticing offer of all because you’ll get a massive 41 percent discount, and a complete refund of the price spent in case you ‘re not going to be happy with their quality of services is highly unlikely.

Nord VPN download feature also has a 30-day money-back guarantee that has become industry standard, though this feature is not available to all VPN providers. The choice for payment options is quite vast, ranging from conventional to more innovative methods. You can buy any of the NordVPN service plans using the financial outlets below:

Bank cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex; PayPal;
Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ripple, ethereum;
Payment alternatives: Alipay, GiroPay, Sofort, WebMoney, and Yandex. Money.

Let’s begin our NordVPN analysis with the company’s summary of services and features.

The Onion network, also known as Tor, is a collection of servers for your details, which encrypts online traffic by different exit nodes in different locations. The Tor and NordVPN combination offers users an unparalleled degree of anonymization and security. NordVPN provides a separate Onion over VPN server that directly links the user to the network above, thus relieving them from the trouble of downloading and configuring the Tor client.

This provider offers, as mentioned in other Nord VPN reviews, not one but two types of automatic kill switches that protect sensitive information from being exposed to third parties. The first planned for both the macOS and Windows desktop versions. This kill switch helps the user to configure the list of programs that will shut down in the event of an unexpected VPN link breakdown. Some NordVPN reviews contain information that the company plans to improve this particular type of kill switch so it can completely shut down the Internet connection.
The second form of kill switch operates on mobile devices running Android and iOS. It offers system-wide termination of access to all of the user’s computer apps in case the current VPN connection is compromised.
Users may also perform two forms of DNS leak tests: the basic one and the extended one, directly inside their Nord VPN download application. These tests will allow them to decide whether their traffic is subject to ISP throttling, or even potential data theft. It is a handy feature that many VPN providers do not sell.

Data exchange is peer-to-peer. Many widely praise this feature, allowing for secure transfer of sensitive data directly between the participants of the network. The exchange of P2P data has many advantages, but it is highly advisable to engage in it only when using the connection that secured with a VPN. The combination of Double VPN and NordVPN’s Onion network ensures that data transmission is fast and essential.


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