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ExpressVPN is a registered VPN company that has operated since 2009 from the British Virgin Islands. ExpressVPN claims to be the fastest VPN on earth today, an audacious claim in the highly competitive world of VPN. We can say in advance that you will read today about a top company in the business.
Aside from pace, ExpressVPN places excellent care in its neatly built and stable desktop client software and applications with all the right security settings. Their server network spans an impressive 87 countries all over the globe with great coverage and accessibility.
Their only significant disadvantage is that things are a bit expensive, but ExpressVPN intended to run whenever your device turned on. It would help if you had an unhindered internet time with speeds that are indeed quite good.

Features And Benefits

We conducted our client tests, which ExpressVPN dedicates to versions of Windows 7 and later. Windows XP and Vista have one more reserved. The key term for both, and any other company software, is automation. Most of the features can be configured by merely ticking into a box to start by themselves.
These include an option to auto-start and an opportunity to auto-connect. The latter has a bit of a twist, as you can’t pick a particular server to connect to until the ExpressVPN client has begun. Instead, you offered to visit the last VPN location to which you have logged in.

Kill Switch

Although a more rare sight is a kill switch, this tool will automatically shut down your VPN when activated if you assaulted, or if you encounter any problems that would compromise your protection online. You can also set up your VPN to automatically initiate the link, or only with certain types of encryption.
The client will not hesitate to inform you that the less reliable (and sparsely-used) protocol types (PPTP, SSTP) are not running on every server.

Smart DNS

ExpressVPN also has a fully integrated Smart DNS service in the VPN. It’s also present as a tick. By default, a VPN can only change your device’s IP address for its duration. Still leaves the other identifier form, exposed to the DNS address. Thus, you can guarantee a much higher degree of protection by automatically connecting to ExpressVPN’s DNS servers on top of the VPN.
is excellent, as most other companies offer smart DNS to purchase either separately as free addition, or worse yet, a different product. ExpressVPN does not do so.

VPN Network

ExpressVPN has links spread about 136 servers and 87 countries. It is pretty sweet, as most other firms stop at about the 30 marks. It’s also valid that some top VPN providers have well over 100 different states on their lists. Since ExpressVPN is renowned for being the fastest provider today, we need to dive deeper into the matter. We ended up comparing the built-in speed test feature of the Windows client with our results.
Fortunately, ExpressVPN ‘s software automatically lists all connections from the best to the worst indescending order. We noticed general patterns during sampling, so we would like to conclude that the values shown here are average.

The case is so because the connections of ExpressVPN are quite fast indeed, and are equally fast compared to each other. They do take time to ramp up, though. We would also like to warn you that countries with worse internet capabilities naturally capped in speed. If you experience an internet faster than the skills of a given country allow, we suggest that you do not use that server. We love animals, but it sounds fishy.

Privacy Protection

The Privacy Policy for ExpressVPN is nothing special. Regarding your connections, the following data stored according to the official website: “time when connected to our service, choice of location of the server and the total amount of data transmitted per day.” is fine and dandy. Still, unlike other organizations, it is not explicitly stated that the websites you visit not taken into account.
Policy-wise, therefore, there is still a possibility that ExpressVPN will monitor (but not store) the domains you load in.You are getting full service for the protection of the connections themselves. There’s a tasty variety of encryption protocols for use. OpenVPN is the most secure today, but L2TP generally recommended for mobile devices (at least until some future hardware advances).
Both on the table are SSTP and IPSec but don’t taste PPTP; it’s unhealthy compared with the rest.

OS, Device Support

Windows, you have different XP-Vista and Windows 7-8-10 applications available. There are also several Mac clients, with four different choices to go for, depending on the type of Mac that you want to use. It is also impressive for Linux, which supports the Ubuntu / Debian / Fedora / CentOS setups. Mobile devices include iOS and Android, each running as smoothly as the desktop client with their pleasure to use native mobile apps.
We will also compliment the setup guides as they sorted and separate based on the mobile device edition you are using. It is a rare but beneficial addition. Amazon Kindle Fire and Apple TV are welcome too.


ExpressVPN has its price, indeed, and not on the cheap side. Of course, you might argue that the company is right to demand more with these exceptional speeds. ExpressVPN can be said to be suitable for streaming, even for full HD quality, thus eliminating the need to buy a separate smart DNS for high-speed streaming.
ExpressVPN costs $12.95 a month. Half-year set at $9.99 a month ($59.95), which is mostly the standard monthly expenses elsewhere. A year of quality VPN will lighten your purse by $8.32 a month ($99.95) worth of money, which means that their best price is 35% off. All in all, it’s about two bucks per month more than other comparable VPN solutions’ monthly costs.
Packages enclosed with a 30-day refund time. It has to be stressed, however, that ExpressVPN has no free trial to boot.
You can pay Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Visa Electron, DriversClub, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Giropay, OneCard, a few debit cards, and more.


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