Cyber Security in 2020

By | March 17, 2020

As we need the security to all our belongings, it is a need for our computers as well. It has been a basic need from your mobile phone to your tab and the PC. Cyber security is the safety to you and your data from the internet and networks. Both physical and cyber security are used to prevent the access of unauthorized parties to you or your data.

Why use this?

This helps you to save your privacy, assets and data from cyber-attacks, data breaches and identity theft and can aid in risk management. Most of the cyber-attacks target the non-safe computers. As it is easy as a piece of cake or walk in the park. If you don’t have a proper security when accessing the internet, it’s like saying hi to threats. This small step may cause to lose your data, money, privacy, or may be your identity in the end as well. Not only cyber attackers direct attack your data but, they may send malicious programs, viruses, bugs or Trojans to steal your data. So it is so important to save your network while surfing or using.

Types of threats

There are many ways that the threats come to you. They can be ransomware which is a malware that can sneak into your system and send all your details to its creator. Social engineering is such a way that attackers try to steal your data. They force you to take a step and then they get in through social Medias.

Cyber Security in 2020Cyber Security in 2020There are lots of ways and tricks you can save yourself from these threats and these precautions may save you. Use Application security, Network security, Information security, and Operational security measures as possible as you can. Other most important factor is to keep your passwords stronger. So, that other unauthorized parties won’t be able to breach them. It is always important to remember that social media friend are not people with whom you must share your private information. If it is not you who don’t want to save the privacy, others always don’t care of that.


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