Best Car Accessories 2020 PART 3

By | March 17, 2020

Best Car Accessories 2020 PART 3

(9) Smart Console Side Pocket $29

Use this console side pocket to put a little organization into your vehicle. It not only comes with a coin pocket and slot to catch all that loose change, it also has an extra cup holder and a small pocket to carry your phone, wallet, keys, glasses or anything else. It sits between the seat and the console, and it’s elegant and comfortable. Before buying, I read a lot of reviews about this product, and I’m excited about the actual piece. I’ve got a 2005 BMW X3 that I love but there’s scarce cubby space. This gave me that little extra space I was looking for, plus a cup holder without being clunky or in the way I was looking for.It slipped right in on the passenger side and was the perfect place for dropping my camera, changing and other small things. It has a solid structure, and it stays in place even without the patches of foam that it came with. I’d highly recommend that piece. ‘

(10) FM Transmitter Bluetooth $18

There’s this Bluetooth FM transmitter for anyone without a Bluetooth hookup inside their vehicle. It not only has a super fast USB charging port, it can be used to play music from your phone or Micro SD card as well. The built-in microphone allows you to make hands-free calls, and reviewers rave because it’s compact, looks great, and works really well. This device is like my own high-quality personal radio station to play anything I have on my phone, and thanks to its built-in microphone, I can also use Android Audio to use cool features when driving just by saying \”OK Google\” + Command, like navigation, Send-read text messages, make / receive phone calls, play music. This is such a great product.I suggest to anyone who doesn’t have Bluetooth in their car and want a wireless transceiver to do that.

(11) Super soft comfortable Seat Cushion $22

There’s this super soft cozy seat cushion for making your daily commute just a tad less painful. It’s especially innovative because it has a cut out for your tailbone that helps align your spine and foster great posture. The whole ride. This is a beautiful tailbone pillow because it’s made from memory foam, it keeps you safe and relaxed! It’s beautifully made and perfectly contoured, making it a very comfortable place to sit. Someone asked in the question section whether this has a non-slip bottom and was told No. I beg you to make a difference. The one I got has tiny grip dots all over the pillow’s bottom.The cover is soft and plush to wash the cover with a zipper.I see some found this hot, I do not, but I think that’s going to fluctuate by individual.I’m completely satisfied and comfortable.If you’re suffering as well I wish you luck and relief.

(12) Natural Bamboo Air Freshener $12

This car air freshener is one of the most effective ways to rid the vehicle of the smells. It’s made of completely natural bamboo charcoal, which quickly and efficiently soaks up loads of odors, dust, and allergens. This one also has a clip, so you can hang it anywhere in your car, and the reviewers say things like, a pretty amazing little square of fabric and charcoal. Bought this air purifier because I don’t like having my truck smell like something artificial and whenever I bring home food like pizza, my truck smells for days. This little purifier is breathtaking. My cab smells like a new truck every time I get in.I’m keeping my truck very clean and I don’t have any kids in the back to throw food around, but I’m sure it’d be great in that case.


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