Best Car Accessories 2020 PART 2

By | March 17, 2020

Best Car Accessories 2020 PART 2

(4) Smart Dashboard Grip Pad $12.25

Simply place this silicone grip pad on your dashboard, where you can store sunglasses, keys and cables in dual compartments. Thanks to the smart tab which props it up at an angle. Very pleased with my purchase, you can even use this to mount your phone. I’ve got leather interior and was searching for something to keep my keys and phone on the dash within reach. It hasn’t been going since I put it in. It’s a strange size but very nice quality and it stays in place, no matter what kind of roads you’re driving on.very good thing i recommend this too.

 (5) Smart Car Vacuum Cleaner $18

 Inescapable dust-and-shredded-tissue film inside your cup holder. To give you tons of cleaning power anywhere in your vehicle, this car vacuum cleaner plugs into your cigarette lighter. It has a long wire and a slim nozzle, so it’s not a problem reaching under the seat and reviewers love it to be compact, reliable and easy to use. This vacuum is small, lightweight and fits inside my glove compartment. I just plug it into the charger hole on the cellphone when I’m ready to use it. The suction to such a small vacuum is pretty strong. I like how two different modes a brush has in one connection. The cord is long, so that you can also vacuum inside the trunk.

 (6) Storage Pocket Net $14

 Why did shopping trips before this net of pockets work? No clue, but now, when you drive out of the parking lot, you will not be worrying over the sounds of spilled vegetables. Three pockets protect things from moving, and their built-in hooks make it pretty easy to mount quickly in any vehicle. In each of my last three cars, I used these Pocket Nets. Without these there would not be one being and SUV.I. The reason I bought this one was because the SUV I bought was bigger than the last one and the one I had wouldn’t fit so it went to my Jeep SUV new owner. My wife wouldn’t let me take the smaller one out of her car so I needed another buy.

 (7) Drive Car Garbage Can $15

 Take the granola bar wrappers with this waterproof organizer out of the cup holders for good and can double as a cooler. Hang it from the fence, the back seat, or behind the center console and never let gum wrappers and the like find new homes again in the corners of your car. This is particularly good for long road trips, where frequent garbage disposal stops are scarce, and you would prefer not to store fast food containers at your feet. But unlike other brands and styles around, I like how it was built to protect the bottom of the bin for consumer, magnet top to cover up when needed, useful pockets… And the Photos.It really makes a big difference when it comes to keeping the plastic bags in place and it’s very easy to attach / remove the bags. The XL is quite large but it’s a great size for big cars like our Mazda cx-9. this is super

 (8) Car Battery Jumper (BP G33A -12V) $85

 The portable power bank in emergencies may just be your absolute best friend. This amazing little battery can start your car, charge your phone and charge your laptop. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, and it’s fully rechargeable, so it’s one of the best things to keep in your trunk at all times. I will admit that Bolt power is a great choice for jumper starters. I ordered a pair of jumper starters from them and they never let me down. I gave my friend this past year as a Christmas gift. Each single time they told me they work and they love them. So hey, if you’re looking for a jump-starter, my first suggestion is always Bolt strengt


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